Starting Fresh

After a long time of not having an official presence or even an active home on the web, I find today a great day to start fresh. I’ve spent a good couple of years focusing on family, career, personal projects, learning new skill sets and evolving on a personal level. So the time has come to share some exciting news with you.

New Career Shift

It’s been around 4 years since I started pursuing a career as a commercial artist, something that I honestly didn’t plan on doing. Yeah, it’s a long story, I have gone from having a 15 years career experience as a physical actor, graduating from college with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and now have fully come back to illustration with a renewed passion. To this day, physical theatre is still a key source of inspiration for me, and it plays an important role in the way I think and create as an artist. 

Photo by Ivanna Mauricio, 2010

Photo by Ivanna Mauricio, 2010

Photo by Anny Ruiz. The White Church Theatre Project, Summer of 2013.

Photo by Anny Ruiz. The White Church Theatre Project, Summer of 2013.

Since I was a little kid I have always loved movies, cartoons, toys, comics and commercial art, but being born and raised in the Dominican Republic, (a paradise in the middle of the Caribbean) a place where those industries are pretty much nonexistent; I never really considered or saw myself pursuing a career as a commercial artist.

Since I’ve been living and working in Los Angeles for almost a decade now, it dawned on me that my childhood was pretty much shaped by the imagination of artists living and working in this city. I find this to be very special and powerful. What a huge honor and responsibility to touch people across the world while breaking cultural and language barriers with art, I said, "I want to do that."

Having said that, I would love to take on a variety of projects, such as: writing and illustrating children’s books; which by the way, there is a project in the works at the moment, expect updates soon! Also, I want to continue working on character design and visual development projects, and I definitely want to explore editorial illustration. I am also playing around with hand drawn animation under the mentoring of veteran animator and character designer Matthew Bates.

New Website

I am stoked for my new home on the web. My portfolio will have a stronger emphasis on illustration and design. Please feel free to stop by at anytime, “mi casa es tu casa”. I am welcoming new opportunities for freelance work, collaborations and commissions. If you want to chat I’d be happy to. Also, subscribe to my newsletter if you desire to stay connected and receive some exciting content and updates on a weekly basis.

New Identity

As I was preparing to launch a new website I wanted to try something different. It’s a common practice that designers create their own identity or logo, makes sense, right? This time I chose to break that unspoken rule, so I asked my brother ( to design my new brand identity and it turned out to be a killer project.