For some time now, I've been locked in my home studio working on my first official children's book as an illustrator in collaboration with my brother Eleazar whom along with his wife Rebekah has written a beautiful story.

It’s been one of the most demanding projects I have tackled to date. This side project, while having a full-time job and a family, has turned out to be quite a journey, taking many late nights and early mornings to complete.

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I am pleased to announce my newest venture: a children’s book called Golly’s Folly: The Prince Who Wanted It All. For the last three years, Eleazar Ruiz, Bekah Ruiz, and myself, have been working on this special project.

After the lengthy journey of writing, storyboarding, and illustrating, the final product is ready. Golly’s Folly was inspired by the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, mainly from the idea that everything is meaningless.

Golly’s Folly is a thrilling and adventurous story, dispelling the notion that things can satisfy us. Unfortunately everyone can relate to the main character, Prince Golly, who loves the idea of riches, knowledge, pleasure, and power. The vibrant illustrations will carry your child(ren) along on Golly’s rollercoaster attempt to fulfill his deepest desires with stuff.

Partnering Up With Humble Beast

We are fortunate to be partnering with Humble Beast on this project. Humble Beast is a family of creatives, artists, pastors, writers, theologians, and musicians who leverage their talents to see the gospel go out into the community and transform lives. We are excited to be a part of their family.


Age range: 4 - 10
Hardback: 36 pages
Publisher: Patrol Books
ISBN: 978-0-692-69193-9
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.25 x 8.5

Introducing Patrol Books

One of the main catalysts that encourages me to make art is my faith, as I’ve always wanted to produce art that discusses eternal truth in themes like love, meaning, and purpose.

The gospel is beautiful, thus the art that I use to portray the gospel should also be beautiful.

Beautiful things are powerful. Powerful things are beautiful. The gospel is powerful. Thus, beauty and sound theology should be inseparable.

When the time to find a publisher came, it was difficult to find a good fit for the type of work we planned to create, both now and in the future. We desired to partner with a company where theology was elevated, art was highly valued, and artists were fairly compensated. Unfortunately we found that in the current publishing world, those characteristics are rare. So out of a need to create that kind of publishing company, we launched Patrol Books, a publishing company that cares about sound doctrine, storytelling, beauty, and tasteful packaging.

As a small press, we rely on the help of our customers and donors to pursue ambitious literary projects­­—projects that take risks, support ideas beyond the mainstream marketplace, and nurture faith-based work.

We hope to continue producing, promoting, and supporting art that represents biblical literary works well.

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